Hyper-Web Wrangler

This game was created as part of the 4th Extra Credits game jam, theme: CONNECT.

You play as a wrangler, the switchboard operator of a retro reimagining of the internet via William Gibson’s Neuromancer: the Hyper-Web.

Théama Neon

This game was developed over the course of the month of February for a game jam hosted by the creator of indie games “Off-Peak” and “The Norwood Suite”.

Théama takes the theme “city” and uses it to explore futuristic urban design and architecture, while also exploring interpersonal interactions in an urban setting. This level is just a small part of what I hope becomes a bigger project.

It’s free on and available on mac and pc!

 The Outrun! Arcade, open all night. The Outrun! Arcade, open all night.